By using Python cocotb allows you to deliver the tests you need faster than UVM/OVM.


Simplify your tests with the removal of boilerplate.


Reuse existing functionality easily dramatically accelerating test development.


Increase your defect removal efficency with early integration of verification into your development flow.

Our unique Python verification flow enables rapid test development

Bulit in regression manager with test case auto-discovery.

VHDL and Verilog support with no test changes.

Compaitible with all major commercial simulators.

Open source and hosted on github.

The Python community

Exploit the wealth of Python knowledge already freely available. Image handling, networking, math libraries are easily integrated to enable complex functionality with minimal test code.

Commercial support

Potential Ventures offers commerical support packages.

Sponsored and Custom features

Need a new feature or integration of a third party library? We have taken on sponsored development of new capabilities.

Training and Consultancy

Require help integrating CoCoTB into your development flow?

Are you ready to enhance your verification?

Get the code on GitHub.

Services and Sponsored features