By abstracting away the interface xactly allows you to focus on functionality.


Define your register maps easily using Python, IP-XACT, JSON or YAML.


Access your device via PCIe, Ethernet, I2C from an elegant C++ or Python API.


Debug your registers with live interactive datasheets.

Our unique extensible architecture allows unprecedented flexibility

Integration with Altera Qsys for component auto-discovery.

Self-describing components with automatic register map versioning.

Dynamically load the correct register map version at run-time.

An entire toolbox

GMP bignum support. Elegant C++ class library. SystemVerilog register mappers for AXI-4 Lite, Avalon-MM and Wishbone. Support for auto-clearing registers, paged memory regions, safe atomic accesses and much more.

Focus on functionality

Abstract away register bus width. Re-use IP in multiple designs. Add new registers in seconds.

Remove manual steps

A single definition for software, hardware and documentation. Automated register validation and hassle free management of register versioning


Generate readable documentation. Print human-readable decodes of entire register space. Debug console access with tab-completion, in-line documentation and more.


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